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U.S. Engineering Featured in HFM Magazine: Leading the Way in Sustainable Health Care Solutions

Feb 02, 2024

U.S. Engineering

U.S. Engineering has been featured in a Health Facilities Management article for its pivotal role in managing sustainability in health care. The article discusses the challenges and strategies involved in balancing environmental benefits and economic outcomes. 

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Tom Poeling

Highlighting the work of Tom Poeling, Director of Energy and Sustainability for U.S. Engineering Service, who is instrumental in helping health care facilities in Colorado comply with new sustainability and decarbonization regulations, the article shares Poeling’s insights. 

“I really enjoy trying to unravel that mystery,” Poeling said in the article. “Most facilities managers from health care have a desire to reduce their waste and operating costs and be more sustainable. But they have such a challenge when it comes to competing priorities and limited resources. I like trying to figure out how to get results in a very challenging environment.”

Poeling’s efforts in shaping these regulations and his use of data-backed, attainable benchmarks for sustainability are emphasized. His leadership in advocating for realistic energy and carbon-reduction benchmarks is also noted.

For a more detailed look at the article, you can visit the website: Health Facilities Management.

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