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St. Louis

City Climate Protection Goals

The City of St. Louis was an early adopter of climate protection planning.  This fact sheet summarizes the history and the goals related to sustainability goals. Click the image to read the PDF.

Building Energy Performance Standards

This standard applies to all buildings over 50,000 ft2.  The goal is to give the building owner four years to lower their energy use index (EUI) to prescribed levels.  Those levels correspond to the top 35% of typical buildings.  These fact sheets provide more details on the program. Click the image to read them.

BEPS Compliance Pathway

This fact sheet discusses the timeline and the pathway to comply with the building performance program. Click the image to read the entire fact sheet.

List of EUIs for BEPS Compliance

This fact sheet summarizes the acceptable EUI values for typical building types. Click the image to read.

More state and local policies

Click on any of the images below to learn more about sustainability policies for specific local and state agencies in our Rocky Mountain and Midwest regions.  Each section describes sustainability goals, action plans, and resources offered in these locations.




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Kansas City

Mid-American Regional Council (MARC)