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Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City


Energy cost savings

Compared to ASHRAE 90.1 baseline

101 tons

Avoided GHG emissions (CO2-e)


The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City headquarters building at One Pershing Square is located adjacent to Union Station and Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  Built in 1970, it is an eight-story, 162,218 square foot office building with a lower-level parking garage. Blue Cross Blue Shield has occupied the building since 1988 and is its sole occupant.

​​​​​​​USE Service completed a retrofit of the chiller and cooling towers to improve efficiency and reliability of the chilled water system.  Service also performed test and balance services to improve comfort within the building.  When the TAB determined that the discharge duct for the main two AHUs were undersized for the current cooling and heating loads.  

​​​​​​​The result of the retrofit project resulted in significant energy savings while improving occupant comfort. 


Chiller Upgrade

Retrofit one existing Carrier 19XR centrifugal chiller was upgraded with two oil-less, magnetic-bearing, VFD compressors.  The retrofit increased energy efficiency and provided redundancy with 2 compressors.  The lower net energy consumption results in a reduction in source CO2 emissions.  

Adjust Test and Balance 

The initial TAB measurements indicated that the AHUs discharge duct could not provide proper airflow.  Our teams increased the size of the AHU discharge duct to the maximum allowable size to help reduce the loss of duct static leaving the units.  This duct retrofit reduced the unit static pressure and the overall fan energy.  Final field TAB verified the calibration on all 347 variable air volume (VAV) boxes and set VAV box minimums.