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Sedgwick Hall, Rockhurst University


U.S. Engineering completed a full mechanical and plumbing renovation of Sedgwick Hall, originally built in 1911, the oldest building on Rockhurst University’s campus in Kansas City. The facility houses classrooms, nursing labs, simulation rooms, community rooms, plinth labs and other building support rooms. The decision to remodel instead of replace the facility saved significant amounts of embodied carbon.
This renovation included the original footprint from 1911, an addition from the 1950’s, and another small addition from the 1960’s. Using 3D scans of the existing structure, our team coordinated the mechanical/plumbing/electrical systems to interrelate all trades and routes ahead of installation.
We incorporated a highly-efficient variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system, which uses electricity to provide heating and cooling, resulting in low-carbon operation. The new VRF system cut the building’s energy use in half.

Project photos and images