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Brandon Wikoff

Chief Administrative Officer

U.S. Engineering
Company Holdings
USE Real Estate Holdings, LLC

Brandon joined the company as a Professional Engineer in 2009 and worked with Project Development in all regions to pursue work. Those experiences shaped his vision for industry change through a broader sense of Technology. He has since applied his education in Architectural Engineering (Kansas State University) and Engineering Management (University of Kansas) to pursue innovative opportunities and to optimize business processes.

Brandon’s passion for creating high-impact results led him to work on a wide variety of business operations, including Supply Chain, Marketing & Communications, IT, Application Development and Real Estate. As a Leader in the Holdings Company, Brandon partners with all company Executives as a strategist, team-builder, communicator and collaborator. Those who work around him know that he’s dedicated to a culture where team members enjoy their jobs, often blurring lines between hobbies and business projects. He’s leading the changes necessary to help keep U.S. Engineering progressing in a direction that will attract the next generation of leaders and will continue accelerating the value proposition to our customers.

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